Sunday, June 08, 2008

One Book, One City: Shreveport on the Same Page; got a suggestion for that one book for this year's program?

Ivy Woodard-latin
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One Book, One City is a nationally recognized program in which communities participate in book discussions and other events centered on the same book, says Ivy Woodard-Latin.

This program helps create a positive atmosphere for
adult literacy and an awareness of books as an experience everyone can share. It encourages the very thing you want neighbors to do: talk to each other to build stronger relationships.

Last year's title: Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long by Dr. Richard
White, provided a point of historical interest. The title for this year has yet to be chosen. If you've got a suggestion, mention it to personnel at a branch of Shreve Memorial Library.

This year's kick-off will be in August with events beginning in

Once the title is chosen, copies will be purchased and placed in all
branches of the Shreve Memorial Libraries across the parish. Local
bookstores will also offer the title.


Kathryn Usher said...

I can’t tell you the title or author of a specific book but these are the criteria I’d like to see used:

Female author (as an old married woman but still a radical feminist I’m not that much into reading books by men – don’t mean to offend anyone).

Now having said that. If you write about Shreveport history I don't care what sex you are I read your stuff. What if we picked a book about Shreveport history? Goodloe Stuck? Eric Brock? Gary Joiner? Tracey Laird?

Also, understanding that books and movies are two different genres it still would be rockin’ if the book was one that had been made into a movie so some joint programming could happen with the RFC. How sexy would that be?

Perhaps next year we can look at a book that deals with the Civil War since 2011 is the sesquicentennial of that event. Did you know we built submarines here in SB Land during that time?

trudeau said...

Having re-read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn this year I can attest that it relates to Shreveport history and geography.

Wish I had something more contemporary and classic to suggest.

Having recently watched the History Channel’s production called “Crude,” about geology and petroleum and what the past says about the future of the planet, I wish there was a book version.

Thanks for opening the dialogue in these pages, Kathryn.

Kathryn Usher said...

OH MY GODDESS! Groovy idear!

A book on the history of oil? In light of the Haynesville Shale? Show "Giant" at RFC? Documentaries on the oil and gas industry? Have Alexandyr Kent lead discussions...

We got men/boys staying at our casino/hotel/resort for the next YEAR because they are working on locking up leases for the Haynesville Shale. SB Land is fixin' ta bust wide open... Madam Annie McCune, where are you when we need you?

Monty and Marsha Brown said...

The history of the Shreveport music scene is covered in a new book (2008) published by the University Press of Mississippi. "Shreveport Sounds in Black and White" is a series of essays edited by Kip Lornell (co-author of "Leadbelly") and Tracey E.W. Laird. Okay, full disclosure, one of the essays — about the Grigg Family of Bienville Parish — is by me (monty brown). But the rest of them are pretty darn good and could provoke some interesting discussions. It's all good regional information.