Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Christian Simeon and Outlaw Nation at H & H Performing Arts Center on Wed, Jun 4, 7 pm

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As you can tell from the Bill Ellison photo of Outlaw Nation at the Granada Theater, Dallas, in March, the reggae trio signifies. And they will do it with funk and rock stylee, too,

Tarumbae, aka Ron Hardy, presents them at his H&H Performing Arts Center, Wed, June 4.

The H&H is adjacent to the former Freeman's Restaurant on the corner of Milam and Hope Streets.

7:00 pm
All ages.


chris said...

mr. trudeau, i've started a flickr group for photos of shreveport musical events. i'd appreciate it if you'd join and share some of your photos with the group!


trudeau said...

This is uber cool. I'll be happy to contribute. Photographers get an alternative place to share their work. Bloggers like myself will have an easy place to get fresh visuals to tell the musicians' stories.

People who blog shots should give credit to the photogs. And people who can identify the faces in the shot will be reaching the highest level of excellence.

Please drop me a line at trudeau@earthlink.net. And congrats, again, on community coolness.