Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What to buy: USB jumpdrive, aka flashdrive, quikdrive

Teachers and librarians are trying to wean students from diskettes and get them to pack a flash drive. These USB devices store more, are hardier and last indefinitely. Cost? $30 full price; about 10 bucks on sale.
Size? A cheap 64 mb will do; 128 mb models are often on sale for ten. The little items are "fashion accessories," says the NYTimes. They come in colors and varied shapes. I recommend the narrow rectangles because of the tight USB port areas on some PC's.

Who uses them? Everyone from physicians to kids. Anyone who needs to transfer data from home to work or school. You can also store photos and mp3's on them.

The Micro Advantage 128 mb model above is often on sale at Office Max for $10, I was told by a clerk. Here's more on flash memory from Wikipedia.org.

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