Thursday, January 06, 2005

Munkith Al-Najjar, new CEO of Sci-Port

Munkith Al-Najjar is Shreveport's best-known Iraqui exile. A dynamic scientist, designer of planetariums and people manager, he heads an ambitious group of thinkers at Sci-Port.

Times reporter Margaret Martin profiled him January 2. If you missed the story, look lively. Gannett only allows the Times to keep articles in the open archives for 7 days.

One thing the Times didn't cover is his actual name. He is Munkith Al-Najjar. While he is routinely called "Al," he says Munkith means "savior" and Al - Najjar means "the - carpenter." This may sound very Christian but it is not, he added.

As exciting as Sci-Port is, I believe the web site deserves an overhaul. Their "Current Discoveries" publication, though, is a riot and includes a useful calendar.

Are you a SciPort member?


MMGM said...

The new GROSSOLOGY exhibit coming to Sci-Port is an exciting educational exhibit which will allow students and parents to learn and discuss educational topics. The exhibit has traveled the country, yet is new to our area. With giggles and laughs the very young will learn science, while older students may learn how to make their health and social lives better! I am proud that SHreveport has tken the step to embrace an exhibit that many other communities would find too "liberal." Perhaps we are not quite as backwards as some would want to believe!

trudeau said...

Thanks for a bit of background re the Grossology exhibit! I wasn't sure what to expect. Based on your comments I'm newly enthusiastic.