Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kristi & Michael

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Bistineau Gallery is part of Kristi Hanna's Harmony Center in downtown Shreveport.

Michael G. Moore is a painter and founder of Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery. The artists in the group show, Bill Gingles, Mark Charleville, Allison Dickson, Robert Trudeau and Talbot Hopkins (see more on each of them earlier) each show their work on his online gallery.

The Bistineau reception drew a variety of guests, from a young woman who'd come from fishing - she showed me the catfish slime on the sleeve of her leather jacket - to tuxedo-clad revelers on their way to Carnival balls. Past the urbane white walls of Bistineau Gallery visitors found they could enter the dark red walls of the Harmony & Healing Center, Kristi & Bruce Allen's home for dance, drama, cabalistic conjurations, sculpture and paintings - there are scores of large, exuberant canvasses by Kristi that may one day be reckoned a national treasure. The untutored simply gawk; they cannot be expected to comprehend Hanna's vision or energy. Home to the intuitive and ever-evolving Visual Sound & Movement Dance Company, the center also hosts lessons in dance and yoga. There was a mirrored sitting room. Sinuous music emanated from the dimly lit audience seating area. There was a darkened stage surrounded by large paintings and filled with rag sculptures. Entered via another passageway was Robin Rothrock's romantic art gallery. "Even the bathrooms are totally amazing," one guest said. They are vividly painted in messages and symbols from foot to lightbulb.

For more info: 861-6721.

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