Monday, January 24, 2005

Allison Dickson, mixed-media artist

Ali Dickson, artist
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Robert Trudeau: I've seen your work at David Nelson's gallery, yes? And at Turner Art Center with the North West Louisiana Art Gallery group.
And downtown Shreveport at Lee Hardware, where I saw you rollerskating round the lobby
like a loon. Also, I saw your Super 8 films at Minicine on Marshall St, Phil Messinger's studio. And I know you were curator for Charlie Lombardino's deluxe Voodoo Cafe in the Red River Entertainment district ...

Allison Dickson: Yes! I curated at voodoo for a year, so 12 shows. I'm not sure but it was around 2002 and 2003.
I also showed at Sweet Lucinda's, the Uneeda building, Barristers (in New Orleans) and some others.
I also try to put on an annual show of unconventional fashion. We did it for 3 years at the west edge before that ended. They were called robots and girls, sleepyear and giant monster wrestling.

See Dickson's recent work at Bistineau Gallery. A reception will open at 6 pm Saturday, Jan. 29. For more info, please see below.

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