Wednesday, January 12, 2005

ALA: April'sLoveAffair at 516 Soundstage

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First you hear chimey, intricate guitar melodies. And a wondering voice. Of a sudden a wall of rending, roiling volume pours out upon the listener. The crowd flings itself into vivisection.

ALA, or April's Love Affair is a smart, hardworking screamo band.

Having seen them in full cry I can testify that their show is vibrant. They've won a wharf full of moshing fans.

Drench yourself in ballsy emo at 516 Soundstage (once the Woolworth's). ALA plays Friday, Jan. 14 ($7) along with Statues Cry Bleeding and the Infinite Division.

See more of my observations about 516 Soundstage and other local boites at the Art & Cafes page of Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery.


Anonymous said...

Hey hey Mr. T~!
I love reading your writing.
It's rather dynamic and inspirational. =)
I'm going to have to come by and chat with you soon.
I miss your off-the-wall interjections
and abstractions.
Hope your doing well.


trudeau said...

Smilicious observations from a divine aesthetic! Thanks, L.