Friday, January 14, 2005

"Amen:" Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, Stephanie Dotson, Daddy Ro and Kermit Poling

The world-class voice of award-winning gospel singer Stephanie Dotson electrified the audience of some 1000 at the Jan. 14 SSO concert. Soloist Monica Blake Mickle also won a big response from the crowd. The responses to the gospel singers' efforts included whoops of delight and punctuations of joy such as "Oh, yeah!" and "Amen!" Radio personality Daddy Ro Wright, III, delivered expert narrations and recitations. And the entire concert was crackerjack, owing to the gifted direction of SSO maestro Kermit Poling.

Happily, the Times has returned to overnight reviews. Alexandyr Kent was in the audience and penned a comprehensive and insightful review. My hat is off the Times editor Alan English for his support of arts coverage. Next-morning reviews bring us a sense of excitement and raise the bar for performers.

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