Friday, March 13, 2015

See America at Meadows Museum, Shreveport; also view Despujols, Marlene Tseng Yu and more

WPA exhibit, Meadows Museum, Shreveport

Curated by Centenary’s communication students, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, and the Creative Action Network, San Francisco, the See America graphics exhibition at Meadows Museum documents the “See America” advertising campaign from the 1930s to present. Begun under President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration, this poster series featured our country’s most stunning locations to increase tourism and stimulate the economy during the Great Depression, says Lisa Nicoletti.

Sat, March 14, at 2 pm historian Dr. Sam Shepherd will give a lecture entitled "The WPA: Lifting America with Work of Lasting Value."

Meadows has 2 additional, fresh shows: #exhibit: Reinterpreting Art from the Permanent Collection through Saturday, May 2, 2015. Students Cadie Hancock '15 and Ben Green '17 have curated this exhibit to attract a new generation of museum-goers and satisfy existing art patrons, who will enjoy seeing prints, paintings, photographs, and drawings that have not been on display at the Meadows for decades.

Also, “The Dream Series” paintings by Marlene Tseng Yu.


Above: under Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, support of the arts and culture was seen as essential to the country’s recovery as building projects. Here, Michigan WPA artist Alfred Castagne sketches WPA construction workers on May 19, 1939.

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