Wednesday, November 02, 2011 graphic-based art by Jeremy Johnson at Lilah's Deli &Bakery in November

Jeremy Johnson is a designer and cartoonist from Shreveport, says Monsieur Johnson, who creates artwork under the moniker of Toomasuba.

His curious creations and illustrations are inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, late-night sitcom re-runs, science fiction, comics, rock n' roll and coffee...lots and lots of coffee.

Check out to see more of his work.

See Johnson's work at Lilah's Deli the entire month of Nov.

Lilah's Deli and Bakery is open Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm & Sat. 8am-3pm.

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Hi Robert -- thanks for the blog shout out! I really dig Lilah's and I'm happy to have my art on their walls.