Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eric Brock dead at age 45; author made steady and widely-appreciated contributions to Shreveport history

Eric Brock, gifted spieler of the story of Shreveport, "died this afternoon as a result of a heart attack and stroke suffered Thanksgiving night. He was 45." So wrote John Andrew Prime in a glowing obituary in The Times.

Brock seemed born a historian of the community; as a youth he amassed materials on Shreveport such as photos and postcards.

His columns on Shreveport history - written for the Shreveport Journal and Forum News - were detailed, readable and appreciated.

Four Brock books on Shreveport history are currently on sale at

Brock lived well, tooling around town in a Mercedes and smoking cigars. Quick of wit and energized by stimulating conversation, Brock seemed ever considerate of his audience.

"Brock's survivors include his widow, the former Shannon Glasheen, who helped him with much of his research since their marriage six years ago," wrote Prime.

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Austin said...

This is sad news to hear. And honestly Robert you are my main news source for happenings back in Shreveport. Eric will be missed. I'm glad I had the chance to have some lively conversations with him before I split town.