Sunday, May 08, 2011

Broadmoor YMCA Aquatic Center fund raiser: 10-hour bike ride team event on Sat, May 15

P1050095 by danny.fitzgerald
P1050095, a photo by danny.fitzgerald on Flickr.

"Join Tim Fitzgerald," writes Ian Webb, "on May 15th for a 10-hour road bike ride to raise money for an Aquatic Center at the Broadmoor YMCA."

"River City Cycling will be there to support the ride, and some of our employees will be riding to raise money. You can ride as an individual or team, or pledge money in support of the cause. This is a great opportunity to help your community while doing a fun ride!"

Just for Miles registration information at

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ondine_debussy said...

May 15 is a Sunday this year! Just thought I should point that out, before any intrepid cyclists head to the start line a day early (from your title).