Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Monster Mash Shreveport at Body Electric on Sun, July 19: see music, hear visual art and be purchased by monsters

The Monster Show!
Sunday, July 19th @ the Body Electric Tattoo
6:30pm - 10:00pm
984 Jordan Street
Music by: Romulus Remus and The Infamous Jaguar Shark
$5 at the door / All ages.

Artist call:
1. Draw an Original 11x17 monster of Your Creation. This means no representations of other famous monsters, but a creature from your own imagination.
2. This drawing must be submitted to Mallori Brandon/Shannon Palmer by next Wed, July 8th.
3. Shannon and Mallori will then turn this drawing into a screen which they will use to screen print roughly fifteen 11x17 pieces of cardstock. These prints will then be sold for $10 apiece. Also, t-shirts and bags can be made and sold for $15 apiece.
4. The entry fee for this is $60 and will cover all materials needed to make the screen and the prints. If you are interested in t-shirts/bags, this will be an extra $15.
5. You may take your original drawing and make it however you wish and charge whichever amount you wish.

Says Ms. Palmer, "This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to work together and start something wonderful for the art world in Shreveport. We plan on making this bigger and better and different each time, but we need everyone's help to get this project off its feet. By making prints, we are opening up the floor for more people to own a piece of art (Your art)."

Mallori Brandon or Shannon Palmer or

Poster: Sizer Yerger of Body Electric.

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trudeau said...

Artists contribute 20% of their sales to the Co-op and Body Electric. They then own the rest.