Friday, July 31, 2009

Artspace Shreveport exhibit on Graffiti opens Fri, July 31, 7 to 11 pm; dance, eat, drink and party with guest artists Else and Pubert

The Graffiti exhibition at Artspace Shreveport opens Fri, July 31, from 7 pm to 10 pm at 710 Texas Street. It's a display of Urban Culture enveloping the behavior and lifestyles that make American cities unique, says curator Megan Clark.

Tickets are $10 per person with a $5 discount for students and military.

Joshua Porter, production director of Artspace, says, "This exhibit will bring the art and culture of Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans to Shreveport."

Opening night dance to the mash up sounds of DJ Deacon Strukt and DJ Nate. DJ Quickie Mart is providing the exhibition's soundtrack of Indie, Hip Hop, Ghettotech and Mash Ups.

The cafĂ©@artspace will go Urban with a sampling of ‘Street Vendor' foods and weekly lunch specials throughout the exhibit.

Graffiti, which runs through September 19th, will display street art in the interior as well as as the exterior of 700 block of Texas Street. The centerpieces will be created by professional Graffiti artists, ELSE from California and PUBERT from Phoenix , who will work with a selected team of local artists and students.

Says Steve Ross, Artspace exhibition committe chair, “Graffiti is probably the most controversial exhibit artspace has undertaken… there are many who consider graffiti to be vandalism and can't imagine it as art… this exhibition will offer people the chance to see graffiti in a different light.”

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