Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pat Sewell and David Tisdale cycling cross country: Patanddavesbiketrip.blogspot.com

Wrote psychiatrist-businessman-artist Pat Sewell on June 24, "The sailor loves the wind - and hates the calm. The cyclist loves only the tailwind, accepts a calm calmly and abhors the headwind. And we had it our way just like Frank today - 75 miles, East Glacier to Shelby. A turbo-charged tailwind. What a difference a day makes and a wind. Give us the flat and get out of the way. Restored our sense of competency in the saddle. The floating community of cyclists we have become entwined with blew through to the small campground here at Lake Shal-oola which has no lake. The Bellingham Seven, Dave and Gordon and us, so far. Broquest.com, three guys from Oklahoma, may have continued."

Sewell and David Tisdale, businessman from Monroe, La, are crossing the vast upper reach of America via road bikes this summer. And they are blogging their adventures at Patanddavesbiketrip.blogspot.com.

it all began in May 26 in Anacortes, Wa. Sewell wrote, "Why do it? Every man’s question. “You’re crazy - lost your mind or what”? “I envy you; wish I could go, I admire what you‘re doing.” A bell-shaped curve it is, like all things. Some like it at home, some like it hot. What’s in a word, an idea, an actuality? - a ride across the nation on a bicycle, a rear wheel in the Pacific, to a front wheel in the Atlantic; with just 4300 miles in between? No pioneers are we though, as our path has been well beaten by many before, following the northern tier map of the Adventure Cycling Association. Still, when it’s you turning the crank, it has the strong certainty of brave new ground.

Point A, Anacortes, Washington.

We peddle with 65 pounds of gear, one buggy and an illusion of self-sufficiency. We have ahead of us an undeniable reality, much of which is uphill.

Our goal is Bar Harbor, Maine, by September 1."


Anonymous said...

I do admire men of your antiquity daring to push themselves to their mental and physical limits. As to the former, the push would be quite soft for one of the duo. I wish you tailwinds for the rest of your journey. I was thinking beans and weiners for your repast, what do you say?

Naomi said...

Trip update -- Unfortunately, Pat and Dave were in an accident today. Both are fine. Pat suffered a broken bone or two and will make a full recovery. Aside from road rash, Dave was not injured. They will be returning home shortly.