Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Documentary on Haynesville Shale by Gregory Kallenberg debuts trailer and web site: Haynesvillemovie.com

In Haynesville, a movie about the early agonies and ecstacies in the Haynesville Shale story, Gergory Kallenberg and Mark Bullard have found three compelling people to follow: a good ol' boy done well who loves his DeSoto parish land, an African-American minister who's also done well and a tough young woman who organizes her neighbors Erin Brockovich-style from her trailer house.

Haynesville is a full-length documentary that takes pains to examine the role that natural gas will play in the near future. The movie is loaded with experts. But the memorable and even analytical stuff is in the lives of the North Louisianians whose lives are being torqued by the money.

Having seen a beta version of the movie I can recommend that you take the first opportunity to watch it. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer at Haynesvillemovie.com.

The team that jumped on the Haynesville story bears noting: at the site you'll find bios of Kallenberg and Bullard, editor Chris Lyon, associate producer Patrick Long, cinematographer Rob Senska and composer Jay Weigel.

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