Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wish I had a band; we could get rehearsal space downtown at Tipitina's Music Co-op, 700 Texas St

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Band rehearsal spaces will be available for less than $100 per month, says Dan Garner, manager of Tipitina's Music Co-op. Fifteen rooms are to be let in the first offering.

$.90 per square foot is the rate; rooms range in size from 108 to 740 square feet. Call or stop by in person at 700 Texas Street, Tuesday through Saturday 11AM to 7PM.

Tipitina's is not just for musicians, says the co-op web site; the co-op provides fully-equipped work space for musicians and other digital media professionals. For those who can't afford, or don't otherwise have access to them, the Co-Ops offer:

· Fast computers
· High-speed Internet
· Laser printer and scanner
· Telephones and fax
· Page layout tools
· Web design tools
· Web audio tools
· A clean, well-lit, ergonomic work space

· Tutorials on basic computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, page layout, web design, and press kit creation.

Plus on-site technical support, volunteer production assistance, access to our network of music business professionals, and an ever-growing library of specialized information resources. That's, like, for $10 per month.


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