Friday, January 18, 2008

Will Bryant named Media Educator for Robinson Film Center, Shreveport; will aim programs at students and at adults

Will Bryant, Shreveport
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Robinson Film Center's educational programming for 2008, which will include summer camps, filmmaking workshops at local schools and programs to help educators acquire media skills, will be helmed by Will Bryant, the RFC's new Media Educator.

Bryant says of the programs, "It's not just for kids -- we're also planning educational programming for adults: screening series with guest speakers or filmmakers in attendance, continuing ed classes, screenwriting workshops, training for professionals, programming aimed at seniors, you name it!"

Bryant continues, "It's our hope that the Film Center will be a place where aspiring filmmakers can interface with not just industry professionals, but with each other. In addition to the two-screen cinema, we will have an enormous multi-purpose space on the top floor that can be three classrooms, or two classrooms and a theater, or one big space showing different material on three screens."

RFC on Texas St is currently scheduled to open in February. Grand opening will be in May.

Will Bryant: (318) 424-9090,

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