Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fairfield Studios, Shreveport, site of Olivia Newton-John recording session for TV series Sordid Lives

Dana McCommon & ONJ, Shreveport
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Wrote Alex Kent in the Times' Louisiana Movies blog, "Last weekend, Olivia Newton-John wandered into Fairfield Studios in Shreveport to record five songs for "Sordid Lives," a TV series currently being shot in Shreveport.

Fairfield Studio's Dana McCommon (pictured) was a fan of hers and remains a fan. Along with producer/writer Amy Sky, they spent 20-plus hours recording the tracks. "She's as impressive as you'd think someone with a 40-year music career would be," McCommon said."

From her bio: "In 2000, she appeared in a dramatically different role as Bitsy Mae Harling, a lesbian ex-con country singer, in Del Shores' Sordid Lives. (Newton-John will reprise this role in 2008 for Sordid Lives - The Series on the LOGO television network.)"

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