Sunday, January 06, 2008

Carlos Colon, Shreveport, partners with Raffael de Gruttola, Natick, Mass, on book of concrete poetry, Wall Street Park

Carlos Colon, Nadine Charity
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Shreveport poet Carlos Colon announces the publication of a new book of concrete poetry, Wall Street Park, written with Raffael de Gruttola of Natick, Massachusetts.

Wall Street Park is a concrete renku, a collaborative poem where two or more writers alternate lines and where each line is concrete poetry, in which the ways the words are arranged on the page create art poetry.

Colon and de Gruttola created the world's first concrete renku, Circling Bats, which was presented at Haiku North America, an international conference, in 2001. Colon received a $1000.00 Shreveport Regional Arts Council Arts Ambassadors grant to travel to Haiku North America 2007 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to present a program on Wall
Street Park.

The book may be purchased for $8.00 postpaid by writing Carlos Colon, 185 Lynn Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71105. Price is $7.00 if the book does not need to be mailed. Although out of print, Circling Bats has been scanned and is available for $3.00 ($4.00 postpaid).

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