Friday, January 25, 2008

Art & Yoga with Pam Viviano at Lotus Center on first Sats, 1 pm

Art & Yoga is an experimental, experiential alliance to be presented the first Saturday of each month at Lotus Center, says Dorothy Kristin Hanna.

Instructor Pam Viviano combines art with yoga in her own practice and has used it in individual children’s yoga classes as a form of creative play. She has discovered the potential for creativity that is unleashed from meditation and yoga. Come experience a yoga class, then play with oil pastels, water, and brushes. Materials will be provided, but you may bring your own as well!

Pamela has a B.A. in Studio Art from Michigan State University and has exhibited locally at the Meadows Museum, artspace, Bossier Arts Council, and Lytles Theatre of Art. She is a certified Viniyoga teacher through the American Viniyoga Institute. Normally conducted one-on-one, Viniyoga teachers choose postures, breathing techniques, meditation, sound, and ritual to meet immediate or long-term needs or goals of students. Lotus Center, 444 Olive St
1 - 3 pm $15.00

Btw, Sat, Jan 26 is Yoga Day USA. Tadasana!

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