Monday, January 21, 2008

Indie folker Paleo with eclectical Chris Alexander at Tipitina's Music Co-op garage, corner of Tex and Louisiana, Tues, Jan 22, 8 pm

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Susan Garner presents the folk/ indie-ish Paleo ,, Tues night at Tipitina's Music Co-op garage (pushed back a day owing to illness). Paleo's myspace label sarcastically says gothic / indie / lounge.

Paleo will be performing with local musical phenomenon Chris Alexander, Alexander can sing well enough to blow the room away on an original like "Dirty water rising" but he can also play steel guitar and blend into tracks from his studio that build to crescendos of art rock.

Tues, Jan 22
Tip's garage..
101 Common St

Garner said the SPD were giving the Big D's shows Special Attention when we saw her on Sunday. Meh. We trust that through meetings and communication the bureaucracy will show support for her series at the restaurant site.


Tour de Shreveport said...

I say unto you SPD, do not fear young people!

I also say when I'm conducting walking tours near the First United Methodist Church and the Oakland Cemetery don't pull over and say "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING WALKING IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD?!!!" That is very bad for the growing tourist business.

Instead, poke your head out of your climate controlled car window and say "Howdy folks, welcome to Shreveport!" I will reward you with a couple of free passes for my ghost hunting tour.

P.S. People of Shreveport, I say downtown and Ledbetter Heights are great places to take a walk. Everybody I meet is friendly and all excited about the movie studio that's coming to their area.

Robert E Trudeau said...

Thanks, Kathryn. I think there are worries about the safety of bunches of young whites hanging in the old, downtown neighborhood around Big D's.
Same as you and your pedestrian tourists around the Municipal.

But bringing non-downtowners to Big D's and to tour Sprague St and Milam St - KOKA - is the future of Spt. The SPD might need an education class in tourism and economic development.

Off the record: did you get a copy of Chris Brown's CD "Goodbye, Shreveport"? If not, I'll make one. I think you'll like it for your tours.

lenore said...

Tipitina's is at 700 Texas St. Big Ds is at 101 Common St. feel free to join us for BBQ at Big Ds after the show. ps: i have been enjoying this years shreveport cd as well.