Sunday, January 27, 2008

Open house at Caddo Magnet High, school for the performing arts and academics, Sun, Jan 27, 2 pm to 4 pm

Caddo Magnet High is a celestial school for the arts and academics. Involved parents, capable faculty, caring administration, vibrant student body: it is an island of civility in this sea of anomie. This I can testify as a pioneer member of the staff.

The arts faculty includes Shirlene Alexander, painting & drawing, Holli Hennessey, pottery, Elaine Webb, orchestra, Joe LeBlanc, jazz and band, Marandalous Holland, choir, Michelle McKellar, dance, Patti Reeves, drama, Terry Flores, photography and digital arts and Keith Thomas, video journalism.

Among several arts clubs is Leadbelly Society. Poets, singers and dramatists perform each meeting to a packed room; it is a crucible for young writers and performers.

Among the most frequently asked questions about Magnet:
a) Don't you have to pass an entrance test? Actually, no. A diagnostic test is given to incoming students to enhance their placement. But a 2.5 average and a record of good behavior qualify you for a shot at Magnet.
b) Is it, in fact, a public school? Yes. Free tuition and open to the entire parish. Students from almost every neighborhood and from even way out in the parish attend Magnet.
c) Do you give up sports if you go to Magnet? Founded with a proviso that excluded major varsity sports, Magnet nonetheless offers a world of sports. State-wide competition is pursued in soccer, lacrosse, swimming, track, softball, dance, tennis and other lifetime sports. There is a new basketball club. And the fencing program is world class.

Alas, at the moment the school web site is down. Soon a new site will debut at

In the meantime, call 318-221-2501 for more info. Caddo Magnet is at 1601 Viking Drive. Use that address via Google maps for locating CMHS.

This has been a banner year for the school. Click here to see the high ranking won in the US News and World Report survey of America's best high schools.

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