Monday, February 04, 2013

Golem, a game being created by Moonbot Studios via Kickstarter donations

To create a world-class game that is independent of big studios, the Moonbots – Bill Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg, Lampton Enochs – today asked the world for a budget of $750,000.

Paying the engineers, animators and designers for the game called Golem, set in Prague and dreamed up by Joyce and Brandenburg, is a big ticket item.

They propose to raise the money from you and me and our cooler neighbors via the donation aggregator site called

Keeping the animation studio going, some 50 employees at the moment, is certainly in the best interests of Shreveporters, Louisianians and many others. There are numerous incentives to give money, mostly in the category of vanity sussies.

Moonbot has 50 days to raise their total. Otherwise donations are returned to the donors.

Follow their progress at

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