Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Generation XY Exhibit- Demaree-Hazelton-Harold

John Bentrup and Ashley Hazelton 

“We named the show Generation XY because we wanted to display our work with family influences spanning two generations as well as make a distinction as individuals,” said  Deborah Allen Demaree. 

Deborah Allen Demaree began showing her work at the Artist Transit in the 1980s. It from this point she went on show in shows such as the Shreveport National Exhibit, curated by Harry Rand of the Smithsonian Institute, creating her own clothing label, “Demaree” and sold hand painted clothing to stores all over the South. “I raised my children to question authority and live by their own convictions. Collectively, this show will resonate that ideal.”

Ashley Hazelton is showing 18 pieces of photography consisting of 9 different artists that are displaying hand painted artwork from 9 different local artists. She was inspired to take on the task of proving that photography is art after being told unless someone is holding a paint brush or pencil then what you’re creating is not real art. Ashley’s work will prove this concept as false by collaborating with various local artists and models for a strong “in your face” collection.

Micah Harold is a painter, musician, magician and tattoo artist. His graphic art has been featured in the Made-for-TV movie Not Like Everyone Else and his paintings have been exhibited in universities, galleries and museums. “I consider myself the medium for the individual to experience my world and what I see,” said Harold, tattoo artist at Fortune & Glory Tattoo Parlor.

Voodoo Café: an Art Bar
622 Commerce St, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

Saturday Febuary 16, 2013- Doors open at 8pm
Music by Beggin for its and Engine
$5 cover

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