Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Watch travel videos by Monty & Marsha Brown, Shreveport, at new site: compulsive traveler dot tv

Monty & Marsha, Shreveport
Originally uploaded by trudeau
The Monty and Marsha video "Mudbugs and Zydeco," which features Shreveport's Mudbug Madness Festival, is the first to reach 500 views on the new www.compulsivetraveler.tv website, writes Monty Brown.

Brown notes that it is nearly 100 views ahead of its nearest competitors in the USA section. Compulsive Traveler, he says, has an occasional show on CBS and an ongoing competition for short travel videos, open to all. Also a pip for the Browns: the Monty and Marsha video "Stonehenge, etc.," is the most watched UK video.


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