Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Photographers Shane Bevel and Jim Hudelson morph the Krewe of Highland Parade, Shreveport, via stop-action video

Shane Bevel, Shreveport
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Shane Bevel and Jim Hudelson, both photographers for the Shreveport Times, have transmagnified the 08 Krewe of Highland parade in a video called Mardi Gras Whimsey. It's on youtube.com at shanebevel.

Streaming dancers, pretty girls, flying beads and a cam mounted above the hard-working riders of the Cheers float form the body of the video. Their use of live parade music from the Red & Black Brass Band of Grambling, La, shows the soulful side of the 2 photographers.

Bevel and Hudelson included the Blanc et Noir Marching Society, a ton of floats and a whole lot of the residents of Shreveport's beloved Highland neighborhood. It is a swank video by 2 guys whose creativity and wide-ranging imagination is hereby certified.


shanebevel said...

WOW! What a review! You can also see the video at www.shreveporttimes.com in the video section.

Thanks again Robert.

Kathryn Usher said...

Both videos were just the kind of local art I'm starvin' for.

A flash back to Sesame Street came over me while watching the one where they collaborated. Too bad it was a Cheers float...lol. Can you tell me how to get to...