Friday, February 01, 2008

Tony Reans, Shreveport, begins "Held Dear" series of portraits of hands in black and white

Tony Reans self-portrait
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Says painter/photographer Tony Reans, "This is the first in what I'm calling my 'Held Dear Portrait Series.'"

"The idea is that I'l come to my clients with portable photo equipment and take a black and white image of their hands holding something they hold dear, and then a color headshot or "regular" portrait-type photo of them. I'll talk to them to understand why this item is special to them, write a brief statement, and have all three framed together. The black and white will be 16" x 20" and the small photo will be 3.5" x 5", with the text box next to it the same size. I'll sign each one, and attach a certificate of authenticity. Makes a nice gift, too, so I have gift certificates available."

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Tony said...

Thank you, Robert! I appreciate your putting my work here. You rock!