Sunday, February 10, 2008

Artspace gallery talks by Jerry Wray and Mary Virginia Hill on Tues, Feb 12, 4 pm; talk by Tama Nathan on Tues, Feb 19

Artspace presents the opportunity for gaining insight into the work on display in Experiments in Color on Tues, Feb 12, 4 pm, when a gallery talk will be presented, says Leigh Elgin. Artists Jerry Wray and Mary Virginia Hill will speak. Both have new work in the Experiments show.

Wray returned from a summer sojourn at Lake Bistineau with a number of non-representational pieces smoldering with color. She will discuss the intuitive and experimental ways in which she continues to create compostions in her 6th decade of painting.

Mary Virginia Hill brought inspiration for many of her new pieces from a visit to Normandy, says the artist's husband, Kevin Hill. Struck by the characters in the Bayeux Tapestry the artist has peopled new canvasses with figures that emanate from the forests along the coast of France.

On Tues, Feb 19, 4 pm, Tama Nathan will present a gallery talk in Mainspace at Artspace. Nathan is also a well-traveled artist. She has gathered materials for her sculptures as well as ideas for her work from global travel.

Artpsace: 673-6535

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