Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Belly dancer Erin Berry and friends at Actor's Cafe (formerly Bears) Sat, Feb 23, 8 and 10 pm

Erin Berry
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Erin Berry and dancers will present an "open stage" belly dance show on Sat, Feb 23, at 8 pm and 10 pm at Actors' Cafe (formerly Bear's),
1401 Fairfield Ave.

On her ShreveportBellyDance myspace, Berry says "I began studying belly dance in 1997. I started out with several different teachers in the San Franciso Bay Area. Since 2001, I have been in Louisiana and have kept up with teachers from Texas, Illinois, California, and Colorado.

I also teach private lessons. Private lessons can be shared in order to cut down on individual cost. Please contact me to arrange private (and affordable) classes (or events) for you and your friends.

Can you believe it? There are several bellydance teachers in Shreveport. Check out these sites to find out more about these teachers (alphabetical order by school)...

- Bossier Parish Community College - Jen (Click on Dance)
- Dance Unlimited - Dana / Asimah
- Lotus Studio (Shreveport) - Various Teachers (Studio is owned by Kathy Fontaine)
- LSU-Shreveport - Kathy
- Sandy's Dance (now in Shreveport; classes on break during construction) - Page

Erin Berry

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