Monday, February 18, 2008

Equine and satiric work by artist Angela Celeste Rice, Shreveport, at Artspace; reception Th, Feb 21, 5 to 8 pm

Angela Celeste Rice, Shreveport
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"I paint and draw horses because I see beauty that absolutely must be expressed," says artist Angela Celeste Rice. "There is a fantastic anti-gravitational nature about the locomotion and suspension in the movement of horse. The interaction between professional trainers and their talented equine athletes is a communication that can only be described as centaurian."

Rice is a recent graduate of Stephen F Austin Univ who describes herself cryptically as "born on a bayou; raised on the back of a horse."

Rice rides horses both politely as well as in the rodeo, therefore she knows what she calls "the finesse of educated hands on reins and the reciprocation of their body movements between the two animals, horse and human."

As a talented and edgy painter and photographer she will show a range of work. In her web site the Soylent section concerns "work generally inspired by the media, government, any issues concerning the world as well as work with people as the subject." Her illustrations reflect her generation's taste for the lurid and satiric.

The Rice opening runs concurrently with the Thursday Night Trolley experience. The art and history tour that is called the TNT has proven a popular draw for Shreveport regional Arts Council. It is free and lively.

Info: 673-6500.

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