Monday, February 18, 2008

Bluesy Brian Martin and new band, the Circulators, in Shreveport at the Noble Savage on Sat, Feb 23, 10 pm

Percussionist Aaron Butler, formerly with Dirtfoot and the Peekers, among many groups, says coming to Shreveport with bluesman Brian Martin "will be my first gig back since I've moved on to Arkansas. I'm playing percussion in Brian Martin's new band, The Circulators. The group also consists of Kenny Tillery on bass and Greg Batterton on Harmonica/Trumpet."

Martin and Butler come with good news: "We also just won the third round of the Arkansas Times Musician's Showcase. The finals are Mar. 7th at the Rev Room in Little Rock."

Show starts at 10:00 on Sat, Feb 23, and costs $3.

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