Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shreveport mayoral candidate forum to address the progress of Highland neighborhood Tues, Sept 19, 7 pm, Highland Center, 520 Olive

The Highland Area Partnership, Inc. (HAP) is sponsoring a Mayoral Candidate Forum, says Dorothy McDonald, Executive Director of Highland Area Partnership.

It is Tue, Sept 19, 7 pm, Highland Center, at 520 Olive Street

All announced mayoral candidates have been invited. Candidates Arlena Acree, Vernon Adams, Ed Bradley, Tim Goeders, Cedric Glover, Henry Hodge-Bey, Jerry Jones, and Liz Swaine have agreed to participate in the forum.

"The purpose of this forum," says HAP Chairman Will Loe, "is to give candidates for mayor an opportunity to address policy issues vital to Shreveport's future. These issues involve a range of crucial matters that include economic development, public safety, parks and open space, neighborhood schools, and historic preservation."

Ed Walsh, KTBS, will ask each candidate a question which has been submitted in advance. Members of the audience will also submit questions, said Teresa Edgerton-Scott, President of the Highland Restoration Association. .

For additional details, call 869-5706 or email

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