Saturday, September 30, 2006

Artspace, Shreveport: Faces of Katrina open Thursday through Saturday, 10 to 6 pm

Artspace, Shreveport: Faces of Katrina

Attendance at Artspace on a daily basis is higher than ever. The visitor count is running about 125 per day, Pam Atchison told the Artspace exhibit committee.

The Faces of Katrina exhibit presents, in words & faces, a story that touches people.

Downstairs are art activities (portraits of New Orleanians, repousse, writing and media projects) designed to remind youngsters and parents of why New Orleans is important. And there are artist guides to help make the projects flow easily.

Th - Sat, 10 to 6
And say hello to vibrant new Artspace manager MaryBeth O Connor.

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