Saturday, September 16, 2006

Butterman takes over the SSO podium at the Shreveport Riverview Civic Theater Sat, Sept 16, 7:30 pm with Gershwin; 673-5108

Butterman and Poling of the SSO
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Shreveport Civic Theater is a name that is being upgraded, and it's about time. Orchestra media managers Janice Nelson and Kermit Poling are calling it Shreveport Civic Riverview Theater at - in advance of getting everyone to call it simply Riverview Theater, formerly Shreveport Civic Theater. The tourism site,, is calling it Riverview Theater.

So, at Riverview Theater the number is 673-5108, which is info that I generally find unfindable as concert time approaches and I want to get seats for my Anytime Ticket vouchers.

May we all get seats for the Gershwin and Marcus Robert Trio concert.

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