Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Invitation to place art in background of a Homeland Security arts & crafts fair scene

Writes Juliana Hoffpauir, "I visit your blog often, enjoy it, and appreciate that it is here in Shreveport. I am hoping that you could help me with a posting. I am working in the art department on a movie shooting in town called "Homeland Security." We are looking for a local artist to donate small paintings, enough to dress a booth one may typically find at an arts and crafts fair. The scene will be shot downtown with Antonio Banderas, and the booth will be featured in the background. The paintings would be good exposure for the artist and we would take good care of them during the shoot. After the shoot, we will return them.

If you think any of your readers would be interested in donating their paintings, please let me know. I am posting on Craig's list today, but I think your audience is more appropriate. Thanks for your assistance.

Juliana Hoffpauir
Art Department
Homeland Security
318-525-1453 (fax)


Noma said...

Now THAT's cool.

Tony said...

Thank you, Robert, for posting this here. And thank you Noma, for sending me an email about the offer. I called Juliana, submitted my work, and she chose my art (along with Robin Rothrock's) to be in the film!

I didn't see this posting at first, even though Shreveport.Blogspot is my homepage. I've been crazy busy, and haven't been reading it as much as I should. So it's a good thing Noma sent me that email.

I owe it to you two.

But wait! There's more! I'm actually going to be an extra in the movie now!

I won't have a speaking role, but hey, what the heck? Considering I went there with the intention of merely showing my work, it's a wonderful surprise. Juliana is to thank for that. She got me in the film.

I'll be standing next to my work, at a booth in the art fair scene (obviously, acting like I'm selling my work at an art fair).

Thanks everybody! This should be a real hoot! See you at the movies.