Saturday, September 09, 2006

Artistic linkage at Lil Joes: Rock Popes sing, Joanna Ballard vends on Sat, Sept 9

Jacob Jennings, Joanna Ballard
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One of the steady outpourings from the local art camp is a stream of ebullient notices from Joanna Ballard. She is a writer, photographer, actress, collaborator, organizer and vendor of artful goods. And she's an irrepressible communicator. Tonight she will set up shop at Lil Joes, she reminds us with a mad hatter's wit:

"It has been too long since the Rock Popes have blessed Lil' Joe's.
Come congregate and get blessed by three Popes!

Nooooooooooo I am NOT singing (count your blessings on that one!!). The Rock Popes have honored me by allowing me to vend with em so if you missed me not being there Wednesday night I am baaaaaaack and as always with new and original baubles! Also I am working on some new stories soooo if you tip me or buy a bauble or two or buy me just a cup of coffee you just might get a story as well!"

Lil Joe's
163 King's Highway
(across from Centenary)

Joanna Ballard ~
Ballard's Bytes ~

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