Monday, September 18, 2006

Rachel & David Stuart-Haas house, Shreveport, as seen on; fresh finds for hip spaces

Holly Becker, a Boston decorator whose ideas are collected at (fresh finds for hip spaces), has this to say about the Shreveport abode created by artist Rachel Stuart Haas and husband David:

Are you into art? If it's color you crave, and you'd like to add a beautiful painting to your home, I think you'll love artist Rachel Stuart-Haas who is based in Shreveport, Louisiana and not only has amazing art, but a beautiful little house full of sensational color. Rachel would like to give us a mini tour of her home with hopes that we'll all be inspired to infuse our space with color. Another decor8 reader mini tour, coming up!

Becker also offers a sampling of Stuart-Haas' almond-eyed women.
The page is

Also, see more at the painter's gallery:
And for finding Rachel online, thanks to my art source in Houston, Annabel Trudeau.


Noma said...

Needs more clutter!!! (kidding) Fun article on a great artist and person. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, RT.

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

Where's the baby room?

Rachel said...

How cool that you found this!
Tell Annabel hello for me.