Sunday, September 24, 2006

Beth Patterson lays siege to Shreveport with a well-aimed bouzouki; House Concert Sat, Sept 30, 7 pm

Beth Patterson, Bayou Celtic girl
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Guitar, bass and graphics slinger Jim Huckabay writes, "Announcing our next House Concert this Saturday, September 30 at Fairfield Studios!

How's this for a change of pace? —Beth Patterson, a spirited performer who was born in south Louisiana and is now an accomplished Celtic songstress and Bouzouki master
(if there were such thing as a baritone mandolin, this would be it) will grace our stage with her original compositions.

Beth has traveled extensively and is well respected in
Celtic circles at home as well as in Canada and Europe.
Whether or not you are a fan of Celtic music (Scottish/Irish) I think you will like Beth — her original music is passionate, and her vocals and musicianship top notch.

For more on Beth and a sampling of her live music, visit her recording label website at

Beth Patterson will draw her own following of Celtic fans from the area, so get your reservations in now for this weekend concert. Hope to see you there!"

Celtic music fans might also want to check Enoch Doyle Jeter's Northeast Louisiana Celtic Fest, to be held Oct 7 and 8 at La Purchase Zoo & Gardens, Monroe.

More at or We're pretty sure Miss Patterson will be appearing there, too.

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