Wednesday, September 13, 2006

American Tragedy, Shreveport, at Flanagan's Pub Fr, Sept 15, 10 pm

Charlsie Shaver, who has captured a world of smart images for the American Tragedy, is a member of the AT street team. Fans like her and the vaunted AT organization - few rock bands have headlined the Strand Theater but AT produced a well-attended show at the Strand in March with Tyler Read and Built for Speed - mean the group continues to show off its tight, crunchy rock across the region.

Currently they play the Houston, Dallas, New Orleans circuit.

Sample their well-made, melodic but explosive tunes at More at

They play the, ahem, thunderdome, Flanagan's Pub, on Kings Hwy Fri, Sept 15.

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Charlsie Shaver said...

Mr. Trudeau, I cannot thank you enough for putting this up! I don't know how I missed it as I check this regularly. Leave it to me to miss the one entry involving a photo of mine, haha. And thank you for featuring Tragedy. It is greatly appreciated. =)