Sunday, April 10, 2016

"I Saw the Light:" a thoughtful, elegant story of Hank Williams currently at Robinson Film Center

Tom Hiddleston

"I Saw the Light," a movie made on location in and around Shreveport, is an elegant, personal inquiry into the life of singer-songwriter Hank Williams. It is a slow movie, and deliciously so, since the golden light captured by Dante Spinotte helps tell the story. British actor Tom Hiddleston sings and inhabits the Hank skin capably.

It is not an exciting story. It reflects upon the rotten roles played by men and women in the 1950's. It muses on the mystery of Hank's gifts, explains his back pain (spina bifida, long before anyone knew the ailment as such) and confronts his alcoholism.

"I Saw the Light" humanizes the legendary figure. Interestingly, critics from coast to coast have jumped upon the movie, written and directed by Hollywood veteran Marc Abraham. says, "it boasts a terrifically talented cast, but their performances aren't enough to enliven an unfocused biopic that never comes close to capturing its subject's timeless appeal."

I disagree.

I believe this movie will find its audiences in Europe, Asia and in independent movie houses, such as Robinson Film Center - which is where it is currently airing.

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