Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Experimental film by Kate McCabe at minicine?, 846 Texas Ave, Sat, Ap 23, 8 pm

Kate McCabe publicity

Shadowy filmmaker Kate McCabe edits for vibe and uses time lapse and image superimposition in her experimental films. Part of the Kidnap Yourself art collective, McCabe has been been in and out of Joshua Tree, California, since the 90's. On Sat, Ap 23, she lands at minicine?, 846 Texas Ave, with film to be rolled.

Her 90's work with the psychedelic musician Brant Bjork reached for an understanding of life in the desert. Called "Sabbia" (sand), it used Bork's sinuous guitar and bass lines and McCabe's sense of the rocks, girls and beers of the Mojave to evoke that particular life.

Does it occur to film lovers that Shreveport has no less than a steady diet of indie work to be consumed? From the straight independent work seen at Robinson Film Center and in the shorts associated with the Louisiana Film Prize, to the offbeat films aired by the Centenary Film Society and the idiosyncratic work shown at minicine? this is a city where you can study or simply enjoy the world away from Hollywood.

Doors @ 8pm. Films roll @ 8:30.

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