Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Portbelly Project at the Revel on Sat, Oct 11, 6 pm; fresh stuff at 444 Olive St

Port Belly Project, one of the city's most active belly dance troupes, is alive and undulating, says Kathy Fontaine, aka Kahina.

"Look for us at this year's Revel on Sat, Oct 11 at 6 pm on the Depot Stage. Many thanks to our photographer, Frank Copeland, for the professional polish on our latest promo pix.

Not only have we been performing many more places this year presenting our wide array of belly dance styles, we've even performed a can-can and bollywood dance!

Other exciting news.... we're expanding into the bigger, beautimous space next door : 444 & 446 Olive St.!

Nicole Brice will be joining us to offer yoga classes, along with Pam Viviano and Karin O'Bannon. Lots of bellydance, of course and Jeremy Haas will be offering Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate classes on Sun afternoons and Tues evenings. Folks can check out the schedule on our website: www.lotusstudio444.com."

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