Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Devil Music Ensemble: sonic art to accompany a Chinese martial arts movie Fri, Oct 3, 7 pm, Centenary College

Devil Music
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When the Devil Music Ensemble last toured through Shreveport they were accompanying the silent vampire flick Nosferatu. This time their performance will accompany an early Chinese martial arts movie.

The Devils are tight. Each musician plays several instruments and the effect is at times akin to a small orchestra. As needed they rock, they waft, they suspend, they explode. If you are a musical type, I recommend sitting close to the players. To watch them change instruments is a pleasure.

This is a serious touring group: 40 cities in the US and across Europe in the summer. Their fee is being footed by Centenary College.

Michelle Glaros: or 869-5264.

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