Sunday, March 06, 2005

John Smith, folksinger: House concert Wednesday, March 9, at Fairfield Studios

For the past twenty years John Smith has been sharing his music with audiences all across the United States, and abroad. Driving some 50,000 miles on a motor scooter to play over 150 dates each year, he has become a favorite at coffee houses, colleges, and house concerts alike, says the Smith web site. In addition to being a past winner of the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk award, John Smith has released four CDs to rave reviews from trade publications such as Dirty Linen, Performing Songwriter, and Sing Out! Magazines. He has also served as a staff songwriter for the WrenSong Music Group in Nashville.

Catch him at 7 pm Wednesday, March 9, at Fairfield Studios, across from the State Building.

Having attended last month's concert I can tell you that
1) the ticket price included enough sandwich makings - coldcuts, cheeses, etc. - and salty bits to make a satisfying, if basic, supper; plus beer, carbonated beverage or water.
2) conversations were easy to begin - there was a solicitous vibe to the staff.
3) the sound quality of the room and gear was pristine, but it wasn't loud.
4) Seats were comfortable.

Expect Smith to sing two sets separated by a goodly chat break. Over by 9 pm or so.

There were a couple of well-behaved 11 year-olds in the audience. No problems with kids, though they pay full price.

Parking was plentiful in the lot next to Kalmbach Advertising. What's not to like?

Smith sounds quite nice on the mp3's on his web site. And musician Sandra Odom, who is my guide to the top quality house circuit singers, gives him a thumbs up.

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