Friday, October 02, 2015

La Film Prize movie "Honey and the Hive:" all-ages, bee-related games at 516 Texas St on Fri, Oct 2 and Sat, Oct 3 , plus discounted LFP movie passes

Honey and the Hive,

Filmmaker Austin Alward has directed an 11-minute movie about a seven year-old adopted girl and about bees. It is called "Honey and the Hive" and is being shown this weekend as one of the 20 competitors in the La Film Prize.

He has also created a center for bee-related games - Bee Hive Corn Hole, for example - at 516 Texas St inside a decorated, winged school bus called the Bumblebus.

Those who like what Alward is doing with bees and his poetic, charming movie may want to purchase a discounted ticket to the LFP viewings - so that, if you watch all 20 movies, you can vote. Viewers' votes comprise 50% of the score in the LFP.

Honey and the Hive,

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