Monday, October 12, 2015

Dylanesque, Pettyesque, Flaming Lipsesque group Highway Lions on roof of the Remington, 220 Travis St, on Mon, Oct 12, 7 pm

Highway Lions, Shreveport

Stepping onto the smooth, white vastness of the Remington Suite roof recently - it was the Louisiana Film Prize awards brunch - verified this location as one of Shreveport's most urbane aeries.

And performing a set reminiscent of the Beatles on the roof of a London building on Mon at sunset will be the Highway Lions, an affable, bankable group of seasoned rock n rollers. These guys - Daniel Goodwill, Chris DeRosia, Michael Cherene and Steven Emery - consume Dylan for breakfast, Petty for lunch and spend two out of every three evenings bathing in the Flaming Lips.

7 pmish. Chill.

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