Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Honey wine and duck supper at Noble Savage on Sat, Oct 3, 6 pm - 8 pm, buzzing the LFP movie "Honey and the Hive"

Honey 1

Duck in a reduced pomegranate-honey sauce and honey-glazed salmon are two of the six courses being served by the kitchen of David Stoddard at Noble Savage Tavern on Sat, Oct 3, 6 pm to 8 pm, says Lee Slack. There's a different mead, or honey wine, paired with each course. "Among them are 2 African meads and 2 Danish meads," says Slack. The dessert is the honey-soaked Mediterranean treat called baklava.

New Orleans filmmaker Austin Alward brought the honey beezness to Shreveport and to the Noble Savage with his 11-min Louisiana Film Prize top twenty film, "Honey and the Hive."

The Noble is buzzed: "You don't get to do something different like this very often," Slack notes. "We are having fun with it."

Alward landed at the Noble when he was chasing a school bus as a promotion center for his film. He has secured the bus owned by Savage waiter Peter Fetterman. The bus, being turned into a giant bee and a center for education about honey and bee-keeping, is parked at 516 Texas St. Visit the Bumblebus during the La Film Prize weekend to play Bee Hive Corn Hole and have all-ages fun.

The Noble Savage mead and game supper is six courses for $60. Slack says they already have 25 reservations. Check to see about supper openings at 221-1781.

As an LFP ambassador devoted to "Honey and the Hive," I encourage you to enjoy the honey hoopla and see all 20 films so that you can vote.

You may find yourself charmed by this poetic movie. If you are interested in "Honey and the Hive" Discount Tickets to the LFP and are committed to watching both batches of short films - 10 each - message me at 318 272 6045 or Austin Alward, director-producer, at 323 899 6154. Or see regular ticket options at LFP.

Honey and the Hive movie

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