Monday, April 27, 2015

"Reasons for optimism in Louisiana's coastal catastrophe:" passionate, knowledgable Brian Salvatore speaks at First Pres, Shreveport, on Wed, Ap 29, 6 pm

Stop the Camp Minden Burn: Brian Salvatore

Ardent in his care for Louisiana and insightful in his search for answers to the issues, Brian Salvatore has become a leader in addressing Louisiana's environmental morass.

He is an LSU chemistry professor who has recently been outspoken on the dangers and options in the disposal of explosives at Camp Minden. But for several years his passions have been the big picture in Louisiana - having written insightful reports from his visits to the coast - as well as education in the Bayou State.

Salvatore is speaking Wed, Ap 29, at First Presbyterian Church about Louisiana's current coastal crisis. Typical of Salvatore, the topic, Louisiana Coastal Catastrophe, is to be addressed pro-actively as "The Crisis and Possible Remedies."

He says of solutions, "Political hurdles remain, but there are reasons for optimism. We must ask our leaders to find the financial resources to address the challenges."

University of First Presbyterian
First Presbyterian Church gym/lecture hall
900 Jordan Street • Shreveport
Free Lecture • Open to the Public
Optional $8/person meal; reservations 318.222.0604.

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