Saturday, April 18, 2015

Killer fest based on French culture 4 hours drive from Shreveport: Festival International de Louisiane, Ap 22 - 26

Festival International de Louisiane, Lafayette

One of the Bayou State's stunningly sensual fests, Festival International de Louisiane, is sort of hijacked by New Orleans' Jazz Fest. The one weekend of Fest International, Ap 22 - 26, annually coincides with the opening weekend of Jazz Fest, Ap 24 - May 3. Of course, for many people the enormous coolness and brand appeal of Jazz Fest trumps all.

But Lafayette's celebration of the world of French-speaking artists is a killer event. May I enumerate?

1) it is a free festival despite presenting music at 8 stages.
2) it takes place about 4 hours from Shreveport (and Jane Ryder says she regularly drives it in 3), which makes it a day trip. Is I-49 smooth as butter or smooth as avocado?
3) it is much, much more than a Cajun and zydeco event; musical acts arrive from across Africa, Europe and Canada.
4) the food offerings are nonpareil - and are typically less costly than those at Jazz Fest.
5) the art and the crafts have a rich and distinct personality.

Might it be called Highly recommended? Mais oui, cher.


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